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Care Sheets

Part of our mission in the WNY Herpetological Society is to promote and educate the public with the best possible information on how to maintain their amphibian and reptile pets in captivity. These amphibian and reptile care sheets will give instructions for the basic care of the amphibian and reptile species listed. These care sheets are provided freely and may be distributed by anyone to the public in their original unaltered form for the purpose of educating others. You may link to these pages but we retain copyright and therefore cannot allow republishing of our care sheet information on other websites. Please see our policies for more information.

Each care sheet is organized under the appropriate grouping:

You may also be interested in the following information:

Every care sheet is listed under the common name of the reptile or amphibian followed by its scientific or Latin name in parentheses.

We are always looking for new and updated information for the care sheets listed above. If you have new information or personal experience with any of the species listed above please feel free contact us with your information and sources.